Classes (Mild)

Balance for Beginners [No classes for the remainder of Summer 2017]| Instructor:

Using their own bodyweight and exercise equipment like a stability or BOSU ball, participants will perform exercises that are designed to improve their core strength and balance. The overall benefits of balance training include body awareness, coordination, joint stability, reaction time, core strength, and agility. Marlie’s balance program is fun, and allows you the benefit to control your body when you move, no matter what environment you are in!

Cost: Included in Class Package |  Members - $3 | Non-Members - $8 PD Members – Free

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BIG/PWR classes |  Tuesdays and Thursdays – 1:00pm; Saturday – 11:00am | Instructor: James Darby & Dan Hagan

Designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients. Research-based exercises used to help PD patients with stretching, strengthening and functional body movements.

Cost: PD Members – Free | Non-Members - $5

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Chair Yoga | Wednesdays – 10:00am | Instructor: Dan Hagan

Seated yoga poses. Can also be done standing while holding onto a chair. Light stretches. Increases flexibility and helps tone muscles.

Cost: Included in Class Package |  Members - $3 | Non-Members - $8 | PD Members – Free

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Therapeutic Yoga | Fridays – 1:00pm  | Instructor: Laura Germanio, OTR, RYT, LMT, CLT

Therapeutic yoga is an excellent, cost effective method for reducing stress and best of all, it’s available for people of all ages and experience levels! Yoga helps your body and mind relax as you move to the rhythm of the instructor and relaxing music. Our instructor has been teaching yoga since 2005 for a variety of ages and skill levels. She specializes in teaching "Therapeutic Yoga" as well as beginners, students with injuries, restrictions, or special precautions.  

Her classes emphasize the importance of relaxation, healing, alignment, body awareness and safety.

Cost: Members - $5| PD Members - Free | Non-Members $10