Classes (Moderate/High Intensity)

Tone & Tighten | Wednesdays – 9:00am | Instructor: Rachel DiStefano

Get ready to tone and tighten all the major muscle groups with this sculpting workout. T & T starts by using light to medium hand weights to define the total upper body, and then moves onto standing exercises used to target the lower body and core. This class includes moderate cardio during the warm-up; and stretching is incorporated throughout class to lengthen the muscles. Instructor offers exercise modifications for every fitness level. So everyone, no matter age, shape, size, or ability, can achieve maximum benefits. 

Cost: Included in Class Package |  Members - $3 | Non-Members - $8 | PD Members – Free

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Stretch & Strengthen | Fridays – 9:00am | Instructor: Patrick Mullin

This class focuses specifically on each body part beginning at the neck and working straight down to the ankles. After an initial warm-up, each body part is carefully stretched.

Following the total body stretch, participants pick up hand-held weights (the amount of weight will be individually picked depending on fitness level). One or two exercises for each body part follow.

Cost: Included in Class Package |  Members - $3 | Non-Members - $8 | PD Members – Free